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May/June Update

Hey! A little update from me ... i'm currently working on two commissions at the moment.

Two tigers masks to be completed for Anthrocon. One is about ready to fur, the other ... is just a muzzle right now.

Here's a short video of the first commission for my friend Rayen;

It features a taxidermy jawset, sculpey nose, resin cast and hand painted eyes and apoxie sculpt lips and eyelids/tearducts.

And here's a photo of my other fursuit. I never posted final stuff on here about him. :P
Toki was a fullsuit I completed for FWA.

My very small friend wore my suit in the video, so it looks kinda goofy on her.

(I'm the orange dog ... lol)

This was a photo from FA:U!
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Furry Weekend Atlanta

This past week I attended FWA with my friends and I brought along Toki and Anubis. I mostly wore Toki ... but after the con at the dead dog, I was pretty trashed and decided to wear Anubis so I didn't pass out from alcohol and heat. It was a lot of fun! x) I am hoping people took photos of me because I didn't have any photographer pals with me at this con. ... I apparently sang Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka while wearing Anubis ( and spun around which is how I lost balance and twisted my leg! yaay ). I believe my friend shot a video of it, so i'll have to snag it from him. ;) lol. 

I'm going to make a post on fursuit LJ about my new fursuit real soon. :D 
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February update: Akita Inu (Toki) Fursuit


At this point, the head is almost 75% complete, the handpaws are sewn, all I have left to do is make the upper sleeves, the legs, shoes/feet and the tail. The bodysuit is fully sewn ( except for limbs ) and still needs to be airbrushed. I also need to still add a zipper on the back. I think I might order an orange one, i'm unsure yet. 

I've taken the eyes apart and trimmed them, making the colour of the eyes more visible. I also started the airbrushing process. I still need to also trim the handpaws with my pet hair clippers and either commission someone to make me pawpads or make some myself.

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Almost finished my first fursuit head! ...

I've spent the past 3 days working hard on my german shepherd/rottweiler fursuit head for Furfright ... only a few things left to tweak including cleaning up some seams, covering up exposed foam, adding the teeth, finishing the jaw/neck area and airbrushing the final touches. 

Overall, i'm really pleased with the turn out of it. I didn't expect it to turn out as good as it did ... since i'm a bit new to all of this. 

So here is photos of my first fursuit head i've created! :)

Collapse )
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Revamped Anubis Head -- Final ( for now :P )

 i completely gutted the ears on Anubis and added in new, cleaner seams on the ears. Its still glued seams but I glued them inside out and turned them back the right way before inserting the plastic canvas into the ears. The seams are a little bit cleaner now. :) and the ears are -much- stiffer. I really love the turn out. I was afraid to rip the head apart but it all turned out alright. :D 

I am happy. 



Now I just gotta spruce up that gold with the leafing pen before Furfright ... :) 
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Rottweiler/GSD mix Fursuit Head WIP

"This is a wip of a fursuit i'm currently working on ( along with finishing up Anubis! )

I don't have anything on the balaclava yet, so I taped the lower jaw to my chin to simulate a working jaw on the final product. I've been using photo references of my dog and i've also been studying how I want to sculpt this. I've learned a ton since making my horrid Shiba foam head ( which was never finished ) and I want to really make a nice fursuit in memory of my old dog Kenzie that passed back in 2007."

Just have to buy a few things at the store ( including some elastic! ) and I should be ready to assemble it and add the rest of the face. 

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Seal Fur = Obtained!


I finally got off my butt and bought 2 yards of Black Seal Fur to start working on a partial ( for now ) of my Anubis fursuit. 
I'll be wearing it at the end of the month, at Furfright. :)

I'm also planning to possibly completely redo the ears on the head, as they're starting to bend a whole lot more. I need to find a way to really add something into a new pair to keep them a lot more stiff. Definitely going to flesh out my ideas before I even dare touch the head. :P

I hope i'll have time to work on this. Midterms are coming up and i'm going to be busy right up until Furfright with all my darn college work. Being a Fine Arts major sucks. 

Anyways. Hope you all have a great day! :) 
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Hey there!

I decided to make a little journal here; as i'm interested in the fursuit community and what it has to offer. :) 

I have another account here called kizamaji, but this will be my journal for fursuiting only. 
I am Shikoku, I go by this name on FurAffinity. I go by Kizamaji on deviantART. Confused yet? Thought so. 

I am 20 years old; a 3rd year college student majoring in Fine Arts. I'm planning on becoming a full-time illustrator once I graduate. I'd also like to learn how to make fursuits, attend conventions and get more involved in the Furry Community. Why? I personally find conventions to be really fun, its great to meet online friends in person and hang out. I feel right at home. I used to avoid calling myself a furry but, the fact is -- its been right in front of me the whole time. No point in avoiding it, I guess. 

Anyways. I'm currently working on a Shiba Inu fursuit and also planning out a body suit for a head i'm receiving from DavenNashi ( seriously check her out, her work is awesome! :3 ) 
Here is where I am on my Shiba Inu head; 

Yeah. I look creepy. I know. 

Anyways. Here is the concept art I drew at 4am the other morning after playing WoW for 8+ hours. Not my best work. lol
I'm still working on this concept. I might incorporate some more blue into the bodysuit, to tie everything together more. I'm thinking along the lines of a very short hair ( seal ) for the whole body and adding longer fur on the elbows, knees, tail, butt, ect. That way the sheen of the fur matches the head but also has a variation in fur lengths. It adds a little volume and also helps keep it interesting.